About Me

I once remember thinking that I could never love anything more than I love my husband and my dog.  Even when I was pregnant with my first-born, Maria, I still had my doubts.  Heck, even after Maria was born, I still had my doubts (especially those first couple of months when I had no sleep, throw-up on me every day and an out-of-control crying monster every evening). But now, I can’t imagine how I lived without these two precious, animated, warm, tender, and nutty children by my side. As much as I sigh in the evenings when I am trying to get them to bed or in the mornings when I want to relax with the paper, I know in the end that I have it good.

Nonetheless, trying to juggle working outside the home, tending to all of the kids’ activities, making dinner and getting homework done, and finding two seconds for me, it can be a little frazzled life.  This blog is a chance for me to write about my times with the little ones or whatever else may pop up through my day that warrants some prose; because we all need an outlet, and this one is calling me right now.

13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Christina Barnes says:

    I have been up for the last hour reading your blog. It is so funny to read about your escapades! You are an excellent writer. Continue with your stories because I enjoy them. Through your stories, I find myself reminiscing about the time when I had my babies. Keep being a super mom to those cute little ones. Love, Christina

    • marymenkedick says:

      Thanks Christina! I am so glad that you are enjoying it. I bet you could have one heck of a blog, too between kids, and work, and Joe, and scrapbooking…! I hope to see you at Easter and catch up with ya! Love you! Mary

    • marymenkedick says:

      Thanks Teacher! I hope the weekend was fun for you all – when are we getting together again? I would love to see you. Maybe we could look at a movie night sometime next week or the following? Mary

  2. Ann Heile says:

    I can’t believe that you continue to write your blob – that is dedication and love! Enjoy catching up with you and the kids via this venue.

    • marymenkedick says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! I am glad that you directed me to your blog – it s really good. I appreciate your post on Mother Guilt – god knows I go through that a lot. I look forward to readng more posts from you!

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