Trying out the skate park

I love Mario’s constant quest for new activities.  One day it is boxing, the next day it is parkour. He got really into wrestling for a while, but then his attention turned to running. He would get up at 6:30 AM and go for a run up to the library and back.

This weekend, he decided he wanted to try out a skate park. I reminded him that he had not used the skateboard we bought him for at least a year. I was a bit worried with him trying to do tricks, and not having been on it for quite some time. He informed me that he actually wanted to do some BMX training at the park. Granted, he does not have a BMX bike but he thinks he does.

“it’s just like a BMX bike, mom. I can do some sweet moves on it, I’m sure.”

He mapquested the closest skate park to our house and we drove over that way an hour later. Maria wanted to check it out with us as well. Except she did not want to ride her bike, she wanted to rollerskate. This could lead to some serious injuries, I know. But we all have to live life to the fullest, right?

The skate park did not disappoint either child. Mario loved biking down the ramps and struggling his way back up. He got more confident biking faster down hills to get the speed to ride back up the ramps. Maria loved skating down the concrete hill into the pit. She held onto me the first few times and then went down the steep hill all by herself. Daredevils.

It was freezing but we stayed for 30 minutes. Mario begged to go back on Sunday with his friend who had slept over. I really had no desire to head back because it was freezing cold but I caved in as always. We actually had a great time. Mario was a pro this time around – he was able to take on the ramps and make some sweet turns. Then we put the bikes down and ended up running down into the bowl and scaling back up the ramp. They were amazed that the old person could take them on in their obstacles. Gotta keep them on their toes. We topped off the skate park fun with some Frostys from Wendy’s as we took in the view of downtown.