Loving dad more

Ri and I took a walk about a week ago. She was on her scooter beside me and I was talking with her about the Summer. She got quiet for a few seconds and I asked what was up.

Hesitantly, she said “Mom, I feel bad telling you this but I feel like I have to.”

“You can tell me anything Ri.”

“Well, I’ve been thinking and I realize that I love dad just a bit more than I love you.”

How brutally honest my girl is. I haven’t spoken to her since.

To the contrary, I praised for being honest enough to let me know something that may hurt me. She put her arm around my waist.

“Don’t worry. I love you a lot, too, it’s just there are 11 things I love about dad and 10 I love about you. You came close.”

She proceeded to name dad’s 11 qualities (“he protects us, he makes me laugh, he watches Duck Dynasty with me…”). And my 10 (“you play with me, you love me, you come to my school..”). She informed me that we both possessed one like quality: we care about other people. I’m very happy that she sees that in both her parents because it is a value that Jon and I both believe in strongly.

So, my take-away from the conversation? I need to watch Duck Dynasty more often so I can get to 11!