Sweet Elena


Oh sweet Elena:

You are marshmallow goodness;
a flower petal;
a turquoise gem;
light from the midnight moon; cinnamon latte;
a fireworks explosion;
a 19th century poem;
a plump tangerine;
sweet blueberry pie topped with vanilla bean ice cream;
a songbird whistling in the early hours of the day.


One day I took my head off.


Mario wrote this poem for my birthday.

“One day I took my head off.”

He captured what I find myself doing quite often after juggling kids and work and after-school activities and dinner and bed-time rituals.

He obviously must see it, too and put it so eloquently and metaphorically in this poem. I think all those Shel Silverstein poems had an effect on him. Love ya kid!



The magnolia out front is in blossom

lavender and linen flowers sail

and form a nest on the moist ground below

The plump robin rests on a frail branch

waiting for her babes to arrive

and there are mine

Oh Spring!

I stare in delight.