Picture of Ri


I am in love with this picture of my daughter. I think it captures her spirit and all of its contradictions – darling and fearless; innocent and devilish; gregarious and contemplative; party animal and individualist.

Her pose and expression also reminds me of a famous actress but I can’t place her name. Someone from the 40’s? In any case, this picture is certainly getting framed as a black and white on my dresser. Sweet thing.

Stand By Me

My sis forwarded this video to me like a little angel from above.  Seriously, she sent it to me on a day where I had woken up with a splitting headache, endured kids’ whining about having to stay home with the sitter, and received an email from a client complaining about the status of a matter.  And it was only 7:30 am at that time.  By 2 pm, I was ready to pack it up and hitchhike off to a remote town in Alaska.

And then I got an email from her containing this video.  I immediately smiled.  It brought me back to sanity.  I felt a renewed sense of goodness in this world.  I looked at the kids’ pictures and did not want to wring their necks.  I met my client and felt compassion.  I called Jon and told him I loved him. 

Amazing what one little video can do for your day.   Here’s to humanity and the amazing spirit dwelling in all of us.