Yogurt Pizzazz

Maria loves to cook.  She would much rather cook macaroni and cheese than draw a picture or play Wii or read a book.  In fact, she has her own recipe for mac-n-cheese that is pretty daggone good (she allows for a much more generous portion of butter and milk than is typically added). 

Tonight, she concocted a brand new dish for me.  A dessert – my favorite.  She named it “Yogurt Pizzazz.” Before bringing it to me, she acted like she was a waitress.  She held her pad and paper and took my order.  When I said I was not hungry, she begged me to eat.  Then I said I wanted chocolate, and she said I needed something a bit healthier.  She described a dish that would have calcium in it and fruit.  I would love it.  How could I not be sold?  Mario stood by her side whispering “Ria, I am going to be the waiter and you be the cook, ok?” 

Chef Maria and her yogurt pizzazz!

They left for a few minutes and returned with my yogurt pizzazz.  Maria had mixed vanilla yogurt with chocolate syrup and fresh strawberries.  Not bad at all.  In fact, pretty darn good and the name fits it perfectly.  Who knows, she just may be the next Rachel Ray or (gasp) Martha Stewart?!