Credit (or torture!) my sis for bringing me to blogging world

Ok, so I have been talking about blogging with my sister for months. I have been writing clips about the adventures of raising my kids and sending them to her via email with her responding “Mar, you should really consider starting a blog!” Well, she finally brought her tiny little self  back to Columbus Ohio this week (only to travel to London next week and then head to Oaxaca, her home base), and we got to spend a little time together between whines from my daughter begging for Sarah to play with her.  Sarah managed to set up this blog for me in 2.2. seconds (she is the world’s fastest typist ever!) and now it is up to me to maintain it and make it pretty!  So, be ready for some posts soon about my crazy, endearing, over-the-top kids and life in general and Jeni’s ice cream and overdue library movies….

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