Ahh, the movies

Yes!  For the first time in a long time, I went to the movie theatre for a 9:30 PM movie.  Jon’s parents took Maria and Mario for the evening and Jon’s leg was hurting so I went all by myself to see Colin Firth’s amazing performance in A Single Man (boy, is he a good lookin’ lad (of course, only topped by my hubby!)). 

There is nothing better in life then to go by yourself to a movie theatre, grab a popcorn and large drink and a box of Goobers, find the perfect seat just a few rows up from the middle aisle, plop down a few minutes before the movie to get adjusted, and then have the previews begin.  Ahhh.  The only issue I had tonight was that there was only one preview – I am one that likes at least four.  I simply melted into my seat, popcorn in my lap, pepsi (rather have coke but I had a night alone – I won’t bitch!) in the cup holder, and Goobers on the chair beside me.  I coul literally sit in a theatre all day long if someone would bring me refills of all the above.  I usually can’t sit still for a half of an hour at home but there is something magical about the movies for me.  I don’t know if it is because it takes me back to being a kid (I used to walk a mile to the Gold Circle Cinemas for a movie); takes me to another world for two hours; or whether I simply like the time alone in a big theatre with goodies and entertainment.  Whatever it is, thank you god for it.  

Meanwhile, that Pepsi and those Goobers are telling me who is boss right about now.  To the Tums and to bed for me!

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