“Give Ria Big Hug?”

Mario is a complete nut.  He is what you think of when you think of a two-year old boy: wild, rambunctious, ornery, spastic, loud, violent, obstinate, emotional.  It has been quite the ride over the last five months when he turned in to this little creature. 

The wildman at age 2

Maria was never like this at age 2.  She was an atypical two-year old girl: quiet, reclusive, thoughtful, serious, deep, soulful, clingy. 

Maria at age 2

Hence, my surprise and concern when Mario turned into this half boy-half animal after turning two.   If he is not jumping on the couch, holding any long object as a gun, pinching or scratching Maria, throwing a shoe, jettisoning his body on Jon, or running around yelling, then we know (1) he has been taken by aliens and replaced with one of them or (2) he is seriously sick. 

However, there are those few fleeting moments wherein Mario is a true gentleman.  We experienced these moments tonight as were preparing for bed.  Maria has a full size bed in her room with a rocking chair in the corner.  The usual routine is to read books together and then Maria climbs in her bed while I rock Mario.  I began rocking Mario tonight, and he looked up at me:


“Yes, Mario.”

“Go give Big Hug to Ria?”

“Mario, it is bedtime.”

“Please, mommy.”

Now, how could I resist if his true desire was indeed to kiss his sis?  Besides, Maria lives for that affection from her brother so she would have been devastated if I prohibited it.  Mario hopped off my lap and ran to her bed stepping his right foot on the ledge, grabbing the mattress with both hands, raising his left leg onto the ledge and thrusting his body onto her bed.  Maria sat up with delight.   Mario jumped from the bottom of the bed into her arms and smothered her with a big ol’ hug.  She hugged him in return and sang “Oh, you sweet little baby brother.”  

I called him back to the rocking chair, and he abided.  We rocked about one minute before he glanced up at me and said “Give Ria a kiss?”  I am such a pushover.  I let him down and he engages in the same routine but this time Maria is sitting on both knees with her chin out and mouth puckered waiting for her prince charming.  Mario sits in front of her and pecks her right on the lips.  Golden.  He then proceeds to jump on her again and they roll around together giggling and hugging. 

I watch them and fall in love.  I delight in them.  I call Jon in to see them.  And then I hear a sharp cry….

“Mom, Mario just pinched me right on the arm. Make him in trouble.”

Better fleeting moments than no moments, heh?!

Giving the Love

One thought on ““Give Ria Big Hug?”

  1. Laura says:

    Too funny, and so typical of siblings. Sweet little angels worthy of the highest praise one moment and sneaky little tormentors the next. I knew there would be a hefty dose of sibling rivalry having them so close in age but I think that’s a fair trade off for those heart melting moments like “Go give Big Hug to Ria?” or in my case: “Amaya’s my best friend.”

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