The problem is you think you have time.


M &M enjoying the rain

I facilitated a retreat at my work a couple of months ago and my co-facilitator delivered this quote during one of our sessions:

“The problem is you think you have time.”

This serves as a powerful motivator for me.  It reminds me to do the things in life I sometimes have no desire to do but that in the end always end up adding a little something to my day and expanding my life experience.  Whether it be letting Maria and Mario stay up late to watch a movie and eat popcorn after I have had an exhausting day at work and just want to curl up in bed; reading them one more looonnngg book after I have already read them five before bedtime; or driving out to my family’s house when I just want to take a long walk around the neighborhood and read the newspaper at Stauf’s – it is forcing myself to not succumb to the gravitational pull of my tired or indulgent self.  

Let’s face it – between working full-time and taking care of two youngins, I get tired and I want some self-indulgance.  No doubt, there is a time and place for that.  But there also is an understanding that time is fleeting.  I want to spend it well enough that when I am 75, I am able to look back at my 30s and 40s and think “I led a pretty exciting, adventurous, fun-filled life and took full advantage of my days.”    

Take the kids to the park, have lunch with that old friend, spend some quality time with my hubby in the evening. 

Saturday was a rainy, chilly day and we were all inside doing random tasks.  Jon’s parents were down and they decided to go to the nursery for fertilizer.  As Jon and his parents were leaving, Mario stepped onto the porch to say goodbye.  I went out to grab him, and looked down at the sidewalk.  Big puddles.  Lots of mud and sticks.  What could be more fun to a kid? 

I rounded up Maria and Mario in their rain gear and their rain boots and off we went.  I knew Jon and his folks would come back shaking their heads and I knew I would have my hands full taking off all of their dirty clothes, carrying them up to a bath, scrubbing them down….  but hey, the problem is you think you have time. 

M&M with their worm friends

By the way, we not only got muddy and wet, but we found two wiggly worms to examine and hold.  Does life get any better?

5 thoughts on “The problem is you think you have time.

  1. Laura says:

    This is an awesome post Mary, and something that I struggle with daily. I’m an introvert by nature, and sometimes the pull to just lock myself away is so strong that it’s like I’m moving against a monsoon. But what kind of life is that? Hermitville? Probably not the best place to live. Though I will always need to visit it periodically to maintain my sanity. It’s a balance. I’m sure I’ll be working on it for my entire life.

    • Mary Menkedick Ionno says:

      Thanks, Laura. I know I struggle with the pull everyday. In the end, it is those days when I force myself to do something that I typically feel better. However, there are also those days when I just know that I better keep to myself and seclude my nasty attitude in a room to make the day go smooth for all! The key is recognizing it!

  2. Lynne N says:

    I love this quote from Buddha. The one thing I learned the HARD way, was that time is a funny animal. The kids are young once and for such a short time, but at the time it seemed interminable to me. However, in the scheme of my life, it is a mere drop in the bucket. Change your attitude about the time you spend here with the kids, it is fleeting, and you will regret not taking the time when the grow up. Believe me, you will have plenty of alone time when you get old. Enjoy the chaos while it lasts. This too shall pass, everything is impermanent-Buddha.

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