Shout out to Michael

I watched snippets of “This Is It” – the documentary of Michael Jackson’s preparation for the “This Is It” tour.  Can I just say that I have always been a Jackson fan since “Off The Wall” and “Thriller” entered my home as a young girl.  But this documentary shed new light on Michael Jackson confirming to me how amazing and complex and thoughtful he was in his performances.   The man can sing his out and dance his a–off!  Oh, what I would give to have 1/1000th of his talent in the dance arena.  I am hitting the hip-hop lessons next week – who is in with me??!

3 thoughts on “Shout out to Michael

  1. Marie Therese says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog:) Yes, his curls are amazing, I love them. I have a feeling that it was his curls that drew me in the first time I saw him. 8 years old and the Bad album cover (if you know it) hehe

    Cooking, woot. I wish I liked cooking more, but, when I do, I’ll blog about it LOL 🙂

    Take care marie

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