Happy Birthday, Little Man

Baby Mario

 Mario turned three today

It was right about the time I am writing this post that I was pushing him out with such intensity I swore that I was going to split in half on the birthing table.  Yeah, after him, I swore I would never go through the birthing process again without drugs.  

Yet, here we are today laughing hysterically as he sings “I like to Move It, Move It.  I like to Shake It, Shake It” while he lifts his right leg in the air and shakes his booty.  

Mario enjoying the heat and the pool.

 Here we are basking in the sun as Mario runs around the back yard with Maria goofing off in his new “cool pool.”

Here we are today listening to him explain how his new plastic sharp tooth dinosaur has sharp teeth but his arms are too small for his body.  

Mario playing dinosaur with Maria (roaring like the sharptooth roar!)

Here we are today smiling as we see the thrill he gets from tossing big boulders into the river and making a SPLASH! 

Mario waiting to throw his boulder in the river

Here we are today laying with him in Maria’s bed because he continues to jump out of his crib and run downstairs or in Maria’s room to play and the only way to get him down is to lay with him in Maria’s room and rub his back.  

Here we are today patiently waiting for him to get dressed and put his sock on with the line perfectly across his toes.  

Water Mario!

Here we are today playing in the pool with him and watching him go underwater for the first time this summer!

The next rock star drummer!

Here we are today cringing as he cries hysterically because he does not want to eat his breakfast but rather, he wants to eat M&Ms or brownies.  

Mario trying to cajole me for M&Ms

 Here we are today holding our ears as he bangs on the drums at the local arts festival impressing the drummer enough to be given his drumsticks.  

Here we are today hearing him beg his sister to read Pocahontas to him for the fifth time in a row. 

"Please read Pocohontas, Maria!"

Here we are today watching him cuddle up with his three-year old blue blankie and his trusted binkie.  

Here we are today amazed at how he recites his ABC’s and sings “Baby Bumblebee.” 

Here we are today anticipating Maria’s exasperation as Mario begs Maria, after five previous “tricks” to “watch one more trick, Ria.” 

Sleeping beauties

 Here we are today sighing as we go upstairs to bed and see that Mario has climbed into Maria’s bed to fall asleep. 

Here we are today pleased when Mario looks up while playing and says “I love my grandma.  I want to see her.” 

Here we are today cautious and hesitant when Mario yells “Watch mom and dad, I can fly” and leaps off the couch onto the floor.  

Here we are today shaking our heads as he strips off his clothes and runs around the house free and naked screaming “I naked everyone!” 

Mario's "girl outfit" as Maria calls it - he is a trooper, too!

 Here we are today impressed and slightly taken aback with Mario’s “new look” after a makeup session with Maria and her girl cousins.  

Here we are today commending Mario for saying “thank you” after retrieving his ball for him and chuckling with him after he divulges that “Maggie told me I needed manners.”      

Here we are today watching him swing a golf club almost as well as Tiger Woods, and hitting the ball over the fence.  

Mario and Cy

Here we are today apologizing to him after we held the neighbor baby without his permission: “You don’t hold the baby!” 

Here we are today relishing the moment he throws his arms around our necks and says “I love you to the moon and stars and to poopyhead!” 

Here we are today singing him Happy Birthday as he stares into the three candles on his brownie.  

Thinking hard about a wish!

 Here we are today telling him to make a wish and tearing up when he whispers “I wish I could go fishing.” 

To our Mario:  You, my love, continue to make us not only laugh but laugh hysterically and with such great gusto.  You are a gem to us all.  Happy 3rd Birthday, my little man! 

Here's looking at you, kid!

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