The Tooth Fairy is Coming Tonight….

Maria lost her tooth!  Maria lost her tooth!

Maria showing that missing tooth!

There was much excitement in the house this afternoon when my first-born, my little girl, lost her bottom center tooth.  It only started wiggling and jiggling yesterday.  I received a text at work from our babysitter informing me that Maria had a loose tooth.  Maria had told me this in the past but when I went to wiggle the tooth, it was never loose.  The fact that our babysitter had informed me of the loose tooth, however, made me believe that this one was not a joke.  I called the house and Maria screamed in the phone, “my tooth is loose, mom!”  I screamed with her and told her I could not wait to wiggle it with her. 

We met down at Mario’s school to pick him up, and I got to see it.  Precious little tooth standing at half mast with its buddies.  It freaked me out, quite frankly.  Watching her wiggle it with her tongue or her hand made me cringe.  We went to Chipotle for dinner and she had quite a time digging into her soft taco.  She was concerned about her tooth breaking off in the taco.  However, like the good eater she is, she refused to let her taco go to waste and she somehow found the courage to eat it. 

Maria giving me that toothless smile!

We woke up this morning and it was much looser.  For some reason I had in my head that it took weeks and weeks for my teeth to fall out when they first became loose (or it could merely be that I am unbelievably inpatient so 4 hours seemed like a week).  She continued to feel it every five minutes until around 11:30 am, while sitting at my computer and watching “Fashionistas”, she  shrieked “It’s out, Mom!”  I came running into the dining room from the kitchen, Mario blasted into the dining room from the living room, and we stood in awe at this little white tooth sitting in the palm of a 5 and a half-year old hand. 

We took the obligatory pictures, talked about the Tooth Fairy, and called around to our family.  We even visited Doris and Kim up the street to show the missing tooth off to them.  The simple joys of life.  Maria keeps telling Mario and I how strange it feels to not have a tooth when she is talking or eating (we know that she secretly loves to simply talk about this new adventure of losing a tooth).  Mario keeps responding to us that he is going to lose his tooth soon because he is “almost five.”  

Tonight, Maria wrapped her tooth in a ziplock bag to keep it from getting lost by the Tooth Fairy.  Now, we just need to see if the Tooth Fairy makes it and what she brings….  Gotta go!

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