It is official

It is official…  Maria has morphed into my little sis, Sarah.  There were signs in the past.  Sarah loved to take long baths.  Maria loves to sprawl out in the bathtub with her head immersed in the water staring up at the ceiling.  Sarah wore long flowing skirts with hippy cotton shirts (due to dad’s dressing skills, or lack thereof).  Maria does the same (of her own will). 

In Sarah attire!

And Sarah loves books.  Last night, Maria told me she was going to read one of my books – an adult book.  I was upstairs cleaning the bathroom so I mumbled “ok” and went about my cleaning.  When I came downstairs, she was sitting on the step reading Annie Dillard.  Deeply immersed.  She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and long tangled blond hair and I saw Sarah 20 years ago. 

Maria’s affection for Sarah took some time.  When Maria was little and Sarah would come in town, Maria would cry “No Sarah!” over and over until Sarah left my side.  Now she begs to see her and asks me questions like “Do I  look like Aunt Sarah” while she reads or “would Aunt Sarah like this” when we pass a toy or book related to Mexico.  I am very cool with the idolization of Sarah bit – no jealousy on my part at all in having my daughter think my little sis is a superstar.  If Maria could get one percent of Sarah’s love for books and five percent of Sarah’s passion for adventure and growth, I would be very pleased.

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