Rounding up Mario’s b-day/holiday weekend

Mario completed his b-day weekend with a big bash at our “old” house.  It felt strange to sit around the dining room table knowing that it was likely the last “family” meal we would have in that house.  The good part is that the new house will have much more space to spread out; the bad part is that the new house will have much more space to spread out.  There is something quaint and sweet about sitting so close together at one table with chairs side by side and elbows bumping… until you can’t cut into that porter house steak. 

 Everyone spoiled Mario on his birthday.  What is new?  Both Maria and Mario have gotten spoiled rotten on their birthdays throughout their short lives.  Here is a list of some of the things Mario got:

Spiderman Web shooter (the new version which shoots out a piece of string and not the white foam that sticks to every piece of furniture and in every crevice of the room)

Transformer outfit and mask

Sweatpants (with the elastic on the bottom to stay tight around Mario’s ankles (he rolls them up two times now in order to not have them “hang” at the bottom of his leg)

Incredible Hulk Warrior

Soccer disc (it is like air hockey with a soccer ball – pretty cool)

Legos (I can only hope he starts to like those – so much more up my alley than transformers and superheros)


Overalls (he won’t wear them yet because they are too “long” even though they go straight to his ankles)

Maria begged for us to give Mario the rest of the presents we had gotten him but Mario was already on overload and did not need to continue opening any more (besides, they will make good Christmas presents).   She takes care of that little brother of hers.  When we were singing happy birthday to Mario, she stood right next to him and put her arm around him patting his shoulder gently.  After the song, we waited for him to blow the candles out.  Maria gently nudged him and whispered “blow out your candles, baby boy.” 

Mario impressed Jon and me with his manners, too.  After opening each gift, he gave a hug and kiss to the gift giver.  Then, at the very end of the gift opening, he stood on a chair, and with a little help from me, thanked everyone for coming to his b-day celebration.  God love him.  And to end all of the excitement of the holiday weekend, Mario and Maria had a tattoo fest.  Mario chose all of his favorite superheros to fill up his compact, strong arms.  Maria chose a huge tattoo for her… neck.  Yes, kid you not.  She is my west-side girl.  All in all, not a bad Labor Day weekend and b-day celebration for four-year-old Mario.

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