I signed the kids up for tennis lessons this Fall.  One night a week down at the courts.  Should be interesting. 

Tonight, I told Mario about the lesson coming up this week.  He looked at me with wonder in his eyes.  I thought he might be thinking about whether he has a racket so I added “we will have to buy a racket at Target this weekend.”  He still looked at me with a glazed look.  I thought maybe he was wondering where they would practice so I told him that practice would be at the tennis courts we pass on the way to the donut shop.  Nothing in his look changed.  So I decided to wait and see if he had a question for me. 

Finally, after another 30 seconds or so, Mario spoke.


“Yes, darlin’.”

“I need a tennis outfit to play tennis.”

So there it was – all of that wonderment and gazing was over concern that he had appropriate attire for his tennis practice.  Our little fashionista athlete.

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