Mario’s play debut

Mario starred in his first play tonight along with the rest of his preschool class….

Mario waiting for his cue from Ms. Ashley

It’s preschool so no one is supposed to stand out but I must be the bragging mom and state that Mario scored a few one-liners and sang in front of the audience without batting an eye.  He is definitely a show boat.  Every year, Mario’s school holds a fall festival where they bring in a petting zoo, bouncy house, tumbling, etc.  This year, they decided that each preschool room would do a 15 minute play.  Mario’s room decided to do a play about the book Abiyoyo.  A wonderful South African folk tale about a little boy and his father and a giant monster.  Mario loves the book and used to always come home singing “Abiyoyo Abiyoyo.”  Mario’s teacher, Mr. Park, painted their faces and draped them in tissue paper and brown paper grocery bags.  The kids were so excited.  Mario took me to see the “production” room where they would rehearse (he also knew the brownies were in that room).  He adjusted his tissue paper around his arms a hundred times and looked at his eye mask ten times in the mirror (he is not vain at all!). 

Then the time came.  The kids all trotted out while the parents sat on little benches waiting to see their little babes perform.  We all had our video cameras rolling and our phone cameras clicking.  Ms. Ashley read the story while the kids acted it out.  It all went fairly smoothly for the first five minutes but then there was a scene where a huge paper boulder had to be picked up by Abiyoyo.  Abiyoyo (two kids sharing a costume) threw it and it hit another kid.  That kid threw it at another kid and so on and so forth.  It was hard to get much control after that.  I was surprised by Mario, however, who would usually get in on any type of throwing, kicking, violent action possible.  He just stood by Ms. Ashley reading the book and adding his two cents whenever he felt the need.  At the end, he sang “Abiyoyo” “to the crowd of parents and took a giant bow.  What a character.  He definitely has a personality on him. 

Mario and his buddy being goofy

I am glad we stayed for the evening.  Ever since Maria started at Grandview schools, we have been barely involved with Mario’s daycare.  It used to be our everything when Maria and then Maria and Mario were there.  We knew all the teachers, knew all of the schedules, brought in goodies.  Now we are lucky to remember all of Mario’s teachers.  Tonight reminded me of how grateful I am for Mario’s school teachers and administrators.  They are a fun and smart group of people who genuinely care about the kids.  However, I do wish they’d ask before they cover Mario’s face in black face paint!

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