Gratitude for Kittens

I knew it would be easy to determine what the kids were grateful for today.  A white sherbet kitty with orange ears and orange tail.  Mama Meg left me an email about the kitty letting me know that Peepaw was bringing him into Columbus for a couple of nights until he took him to the SPCA to be adopted on Thursday morning.  Maria and Mario leapt with joy when I came home from work and told them we could head over to Peepaw’s apartment to see the munchkin. 

Maria with another kitty months ago

We bundled up in our sweatshirts (the weather is a turnin’) and hopped in our stroller to head three blocks to Peepaw’s apartment (one nice thing about the house move is we are closer to the apartment).  We stepped inside to find a rather mellow, chill kitty sitting next to Peepaw.  The kitty was definitely not like the kittens we have met in the past – the ones that jump everywhere, leap after everything, tear into anything.  This kitty allowed you to pet him and hold him and rub his ears.  What a doll.

Before too long, Maria and Mario had it with them in the bedroom under the bed.  They named him “Buster.” They tried to teach him how to go to the bathroom in the litter box.  They groomed him.  They kissed him.  They showed him the water bowl.  Maria held him in her arms while she sat on the couch and all I could see the entire time was me as a young girl with my cat (numerous cats throughout my childhood but only one at a time).  It is that image that drives me to want a cat for Maria.  I remember how much I loved my cats, and how much they loved me and laid with me all the time.   But Jon is allergic to them and when he finally could breathe after our previous two cats passed away, he swore no more cats.  Maria always asks “when dad dies, can we get a cat?”  (I don’t think she quite gets the severity of that question. Or maybe she does?!). 

Peepaw drove the kids home while I strolled the BOB back home (the wind was kickin’!).  We threw on our pjs and sat on the couch for two books before a tv show.  As I read the books, I watched their little faces.  Maria’s eyes intently glued on the pictures and Mario’s mind thinking about a question to ask.  I am so grateful for reading time with them.  I love when they interrupt me with questions or observations.  They are thinking and wondering.  A beautiful thing.

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