Bring It On, Nurse

I took Maria and Mario to the doctor today.  Little did I know that Maria was supposed to have a “well check” visit at age 6 so she is a mere seven months overdue (doctor’s and dentist’s appointments are not my forte).  I had originally called to make Mario an appointment because I remembered Maria having to get shots at the age of 4.  The receptionist politely asked if Maria had been in for a while hoping that I would catch on without her having to say “Ma’am, if you were a conscientious mom, you would have had your daughter in here in May!” 

Maria got out of school a couple of hours early, which she loved.  Mario got to stay home with Cousin Maggie because she was over doing laundry and she is so chill that she agreed the second he asked her.  On the way down to the doctor’s office, I told both kids that they would have to get their flu shots today.  They both corrected me and retorted “No, mom, flu mist – not shots.”  I had specifically asked the receptionist to put me down for two flu mists to go along with the well check visit so we could get it all over with at once. 

The nurse brought us back to the scale and Mario hopped on first – excited as can be to see his height and weight (I tried to remember the last time I was excited for my weight!).  He weighed a whopping 38.8 pounds.  I can’t believe he has not hit 40 pounds yet!  He did shoot up in height at 43 inches.  He is now 90th percentile in height and 60th in weight.  However, I think Jon and I have to do a re-measure at home because I could swear he is the shortest in his class and he does not look tall at all to us.  I think he slipped the nurse some candy to get her to measure him taller.  Maria weighed in at 66 pounds and 489.5 inches tall.  She stays in the same percentile she has always been in – 95th.  God love her – she is the best at everything! 

We headed back to the room after the eye test, and got blood pressure taken – what fun!  I love how excited kids get over these things that are now routine to us old people.  The doctor asked a bunch of questions of the kids (what is your favorite food? Maria: spaghetti and meatballs; Mario: graham crackers) and scolded me about a bedtime hour that is reasonable and not 10:30 pm! When she finished with the questions, Maria asked “will we get out flu mist now?”  The doctor broke it to us that they had run out of it so we could come back in a week or get the shot instead.  I thought for sure we would be heading back to the office next week.  But to my surprise, both Maria and Mario shrugged their shoulders and agreed to the shot.  “My dad got the shot, so I can, too” replied Maria.  Mario had to be just as strong so he nodded his head in agreement.

When the nurses came in with the shots, Maria hopped up on the table.  Mario cried that he wanted to go first.  maria cried that she got up on the table first.  The nurses cracked up.  they had never seen such eager patients.  Maria went first.  She practiced blowing out on the count of three and in 1, 2, 3, the shot went in and out without a flinch.  All done!  I was more tense than Ri.  She has always been a machine with shots – the only time she bawled was when she was just a newborn and when she was 5 and had 5 shots jabbed in her at once. 

Mario jumped on the table after her and threw off his shirt. He flexed his muscles for the nurses, which they very much appreciated.  They explained what they would do (each put one in each of his arms and then put one more in his right).  I asked if he wanted to hold my hand and he shook his head no.  I braced myself.  Maria did, too.  They turned to get the needles and he turned his head to watch.  Mistake.  He knew what was coming at him and he froze up but he did not jerk away.  You could see the trepidation in his eyes, however, and when they stuck him, he looked at me confused.  I stepped close to him to hold him for the third one and he let me.  The nurse stuck him with the last needle and although it was clearly uncomfortable, he remained still and let them put on the band aids.  I showered him and Ri with praise telling them how proud dad would be of them.  Mario felt better hearing this – he likes the thought of dad being proud. 

We walked out of the room and got stickers and a sucker for the pain.  Maria took Mario’s hand and congratulated him on being such a big boy.  He put his head on her shoulder and replied “I just need to lay down and watch some tv, Ri.”  Maria looked at me and pleaded for her brother “Mom, Mario deserves some tv.”  No fights from mom today.

One thought on “Bring It On, Nurse

  1. Patty says:

    What brave little troopers we have! The TV watching for Mario cracked me up and of course, Maria, always the caring big sister. I would have loved to have seen that doctor’s appt.! Love Grandma P.

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