Jammin’ with the Harmony Project

I took the kids to Harmony Project last night at the Southern Theatre (Maria was so excited to get dressed up and to “help” me get dressed up, also!).  In one word: amazing.  I had not heard of this non-profit group until a colleague invited me to the event a month ago.  The Harmony Project works to bring individuals from diverse backgrounds together to sing and get to know one another with the hope that the more we understand one another, the more tolerant and inclusive society we will become.  The Project succeeded in its mission last night bringing together individuals from all walks of life and bringing them to their feet clapping and bellowing out tunes. 

Count Mario as one of them.

He rocked it out for the entire time we sat in our balcony seats.  They showed a documentary in the beginning of the program to educate the audience on what the Harmony project is, and I was impressed that it held Maria’s and Mario’s attention.  They both started to get antsy towards the end but they didn’t throw fits or beg to leave.  Very impressive.  Once the documentary ended, a group of mostly older teens walked out on the stage, each wearing a black t-shirt with the word “Beautiful” on it, and sang the song “Beautiful.” They mesmerized Maria who stood up in her seat and stared at the singers intently.  I caught her mouthing the words “you are beautiful” at one point.  Sweet  girl.

Mario listened to the song but did not become engaged until the next song that was much more lively.  The singers smiled strongly while clapping their hands and tapping their feet.  Mario stood up from his seat and immediately moved to the beat, waving his hands and acting like his fist was a microphone.  The people around us were cracking up.  Mario leaned into me after the song and whispered “Could you sign me up for singing lessons, mom?”  Maria laid back in her seat for most of the songs, intently watching the musicians and their gestures.  She is much more reserved than Mr. Mario when it comes to these types of events.  She takes it in while he throws it out.

Mario acting like a monkey and Maria showing off the brochure

As we waited for Jon to pick us up, I asked how they liked the show.  They both gave me nods of approval and Mario asked “did I sing good, ma?”  I confirmed that he did and he smiled broadly.  The boy loves his praise.  As much as I did not want to get dressed up and head out at 7:30 pm, I am glad that we went to the event because I know that  it has a positive influence on M&M as they grow into themselves and this world.  I think they are off to a harmonious start.

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