Icees are a godsend

Maria and I are hosting five girlfriends and their kids from Cincinnati tomorrow afternoon.  We spent the first half of the day cleaning the house (why will the kids clean any other room in the house but their own?!); hosting Jon’s parents (Patty bought a new mini COoper!)l hitting the library in the afternoon; and baking cookies in the late afternoon.  Right around 6:15 pm, I was finally ready to hit Target and the grocery.  I had finished cleaning the house, washing the dishes, and preparing the gifts (which Maria helped me with as always).  I worried about taking them to Target since every time we go there, they beg to see the toys and they stand in the aisles yelling “mom, look at this!  Will you get it for me?” 

Since we had not had dinner, I enticed them to go with me by offering them icees.  We rarely get icees anywhere but if we get one, it is at Target.  They agreed to go on the condition that I get them icees (and Maria added in a pretzel).  We went straight to the Target food center and got two small icees.  The kids filled each of their cups up with a mixture of red, blue and purple.  I gave them a straw, and we were on our way around the store looking for random items for the party. 

They sat in their seats the entire ride slurping down those icees.  We went past the toy aisles twice and they did not say a word about getting out and looking!  A miracle on Target Street!  I have a new-found friend in the Icee, and will make sure I have $1.39 on me every time we head there in the future.  Money well spent!


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