Zoku Pops

Fruits and vegetables are rarely eaten in our home – by the kids or the adults!  We try to keep apples and bananas lying around and we make green beans and peas and carrots for dinner but they are not on the top of the kids’ lists to eat and if we can force five of them into their systems, it is a minor miracle.  

But alas, along came the Zoku Pop Maker (this is where I stand in my short dress and apron and “Vanna White” the Pop Maker out to the world)!  We whipped it out for the first time last night after we traveled to our grocery store to get V-8 grape juice.  Yes, that’s right – V-8 grape juice.  There is no way my kids or I would touch V-8 tomato juice but I hoped they would enjoy the grape juice since they love Welch’s.  The V-8 juice has one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetable in it (of course when I validated that on-line, “serving” means one-half cup of vegetable and one-half cup of fruit – always a little different than advertised but I will take what I can get!). 

We poured the juice in the Zoku and ta-da: gorgeous red-purple pops that tasted just as good as freezer pops.  Maria and Mario loved them and they were half-way nutritious.  Now if we could just find a way to get broccoli to taste good on a stick!

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