Caribbean Queen

Jon turned on a “goin’ Back to the 80s” concert tonight.  Billy Ocean was singing “Caribbean Queen.” I could still recognize him even though he had visibly aged.  He still looked fine, though, with his dreads and his warm face.  Maria’s mouth dropped when she saw the crowd in their flourescent clothing and big hair.  “Why are they dressed like that?” she asked me and Jon.

“Because that’s how we dressed in the 80’s.”  She looked at me like she didn’t believe me but then understood I was not lying and shook her head in amazement.  She proceeded to ask what the 70’s were like and the 90’s.  Jon and I confirmed that the 80’s was the best generation.  Mario and she listened to a slew more 80’s songs entranced more by the crowd members than the music.  One activity that we can all engage in is the listening of music.  At the old house, we plugged in Jon’s Ipod and listened to songs in the bedroom with Maria and Mario dancing on our bed and Jon and I swinging them around.  I can’t tell you how many times we jammed it out to “Move It Move It” or “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

Thanks, Justin.

Nowadays it is more like Katy Perry.  At night, Maria lays in her bed and I give her a goodnight kiss.  She then asks me to turn on her CD player.  Justin Bieber begins his serenade to her, and  she drifts to sleep.  Mario usually heads into Maria’s room an hour later and towards the end of the CD.  He snuggles next to her in bed listening to Justin’s final songs while drifting off to sleep himself.

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