No Rules

Do you really think rules will help these goofballs?

Mario gave us a huge insight into his thinking tonight when Jon picked him up from school.  He had gotten all the way up to “Space” at school.  His classroom has the kids’ faces pasted to rocket ships and they move from earth all the way up to Space depending on how good they are.  Jon commented on how proud he was of Mario for getting to Space and then asked why he behaves so well at school and not at home.  His response: “because school has rules, dad. You and mom don’t have rules at home.”

So there we have it.  Little does he know how he just changed life as he knows it at home.  I told Maria that story when I picked her up from school, and she immediately started to plan when we should rule out “rules for Mario.” Jon asked about rules that would apply to her and she shook her head: “I don’t need ’em, dad.” 

Of course.

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