Maria forgot to bring her book home tonight from school so I made her read a book here at the house for 15 minutes.  You’d think I would have told her she was never leaving the house again.  After she stopped whining, we chose the Sparkle Like a Flower Fairy book that she bought from Half Price Books this weekend.  We agreed I would read a page and then she would read a page.  The book has a paper necklace, crown, bracelet and wand scattered throughout the pages for little girls to wear while they read. 

Maria is reading so well lately, and I love to listen to her. She and I got through most of the book before Mario started complaining of feeling bad (poor guy just can’t kick this sickness).  I asked if I could take her picture real quick with all of her “jewelry” on and she agreed.  After the picture, she said: “Mom, I think you should put that picture on your blog and say ‘Maria and I read Sparkle Like a Flower Fairy tonight.  Fairies sparkle in the sky.  Maria put on all of the jewelry in the book.  Little did I know we had a fairy right here in our house.'”  I gasped when she finished, especially at the last sentence because it sounded so much like something I would say. 

I hugged her tight and told her how proud I was of her.  She reciprocated the big hug and relied with a smile “Mommy.”

3 thoughts on “Sparkle

  1. Patty says:

    I agree with Laura! Enjoy all your blogs. But, my heart ached for Mario’s doctor visits. What a beautiful “sparkle fairy” we have in our family! Love Grandma I.

  2. Ms. Jolly Blogger says:

    I can’t wait for the moment when my kids start reading on their own. I’ve noticed that both of them are starting to pick up books and look at them by themselves, as opposed to having me initiate Story Time. I even heard my youngest (2 yr old) “reading” his book out loud to his older brother. Such a proud Mommy Moment! 🙂

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