Sweet Mornings

Mario kills me. I know one day he will stop doing what he has been doing for the last few months but I hope it is far into the future because it makes my morning.  

Doll Baby BoyMost mornings I take Maria to school and Jon takes Mario.  Maria and I get out the door first since she needs to be at school at 8:10.  Nearly every morning, Mario yells “Mom” before I close the door.  I peek inside and he is holding his arms wide with his little boxers on and his baby skin glistening.  I run to where he is planted, and he gives me the hugest bear hug he can muster.  Then he plants a perfect peck of a kiss on my cheek.  He tops it off with a “Have a good day, mom.  I love you.” 

Really?  Does it get any better than that to start your day?  I know, I know, I can hear my friends with teenage boys now: “enjoy it while you can because pretty soon he will be sweaty and gross and not want you to talk to him.”  Probably true so I am making sure to plant these morning moments in my head so I can look back years from now and still revel in them.

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