Moral dilemmas over dinner

Jon’s brother, Kevin, posed a juicy moral dilemma situation to all of us as we sat around the kitchen table last night.  Now that is the way I could start my evening meal every night.

Kevin came to visit us from out-of-town with his wife, Margie, and their daughter Dagmawit.  Kevin’s oldest daughter, Shari, and her family came, too.  Mario loves Shari’s grandson, Isaiah, because he is spastic and loves to play fight just like Mario.  Maria loves Dagmawit and Shari’s two daughters, Emi and Eli because they play dress up and act silly and love to dance.  The kids ran all around the yard and the basement while we sat down and talked over a glass of wine and take-out from Aladdin’s. 

Kevin’s question sure got the talking started, and set up an engaging, thoughtful dialogue about all sorts of things.  The conversation provided a breath of fresh air, and I enjoyed sitting around with a group of intelligent adults talking about religion and politics and the economy.  Jon and I don’t get out enough with friends and family to do that.  We get so caught up in the thick of work and homework and baths and laundry that we forget to communicate about the latest social issues and news.  I used to have conversations like that all the time when I was younger and I don’t want to lose that engagement in my “old age” or should I say my “parenting age.”   

The Cousins (and Micah butting in the picture!)Meanwhile, the girls were dressing up in short dresses and heels and spreading bright pink lipstick on their lips.  The boys darted in the room with matching spiderman costumes.  They all enjoy each other’s company, and I appreciate that we have a family that gets along so well.  Maria was so bummed when they left for the night – she talked about how much fun she had with Dagmawit and Emi and Eli.  She reiterated a wish that she has expressed before; to have a sister.  When I pressed her about how great Mario was, she finally conceded that she loves him to death but that she would also love to have a sister around the house.  When I told her that sisters can get in fights a lot, she says she is used to it because her and Mario fight a lot.  She always has a retort.  Mario begged to have Isiah over for a play date again.  I wish we could borrow Isaiah for two hours every night so Mario could get out all of his energy by wrestling him, and get to bed at a decent hour.  

The night ended with a resolution to talk more with Jon about the latest world event and issues to make sure we keep these brains or ours a rollin’ with something other than parenting concerns of who paid the tuition and whether the kids’ school shirt got washed.  And god knows there is no dearth of issues to keep us from talking….

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