Spending Mom’s day with the kids

Mother’s Day begins two hours from now.  Jon asked me what I wanted to do on my special day.  In the initial moment, I thought “all I want is a day to myself.” Just head north to your mom’s house or east to your cousin’s house and let me have the day to do whatever I want whenver I want. 

But after a few seconds of mulling the question over, I realized what would happen if they did leave.  I would love the first couple of hours by myself and then I would be up at Stauf’s and see a couple with their baby and think of my pumpkins.  I would miss them and Jon and wish they were home with me even if it would require me to listen to them beg for me to play with them or read them a book or take them to the library.  Surely there would be moments during the day when I would second guess my decision and want my solitude but they would be outweighed by the joy in being with my family.  After all, could I laugh as hard as I do when Maria performs her “Oh, I know you didn’t” routine?  Or when Mario dances to a rap song?  Could I appreciate the richness of the soil without digging into it with Mario?  Could I enjoy watching a monarch butterfly fluttering around the flowers without listening to Maria talk about its delicate wings?  

No, these little pumpkins are such a big part of my world now and being without them on Mom’s Day just feels wrong.  After all, the reason I am celebrating this day is because of these two munch-balls. So, as the clock inches towards midnight, I think about our day tomorrow – play fish, throw the tennis ball, take a bike ride and get a ton of kisses and hugs from those sweet babes of mine all day long….

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