Wrinkles and Moles

I made the wise move to not volunteer to be in charge of Maria’s end if the year party this year. I figure it will be an every other year project for me.

The mom in charge of the party sent out an email to the parents about donating for a gift for the teacher. I asked Maria what she looked like so I could give her money when I dropped off Maria at school. Maria’s response:

“She’s got a clean face.”
“What’s that mean,” I asked.
“She doesn’t have wrinkles or a mole on her face like you do. Oh, and she always wears high heels with her work outfit.”

Of course. Yet another mom who ranks high for not wearing gym shoes with her work outfit. I’m used to that dis but do you really need to point out my wrinkles and mole, little lady…! I will have you know my mole has been compared to Cindy Crawford’s mole.

You ask, “Who is she?”

Never mind.


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