A Pop Tart to toast the last day of school

Maria could not have expressed more joy about the last day of school. She appropriately christened it this morning with a strawberry pop tart and a bike ride to school. There were no dresses on her last day (she has more of her mom’s style in her than she realizes).

She wore her running shorts and a casual tank top with her hair pulled back in a pony tail (thank you Maggie for brushing through her hair this morn).

And i gave her another treat this morning and biked with her to school. Mario still fits in the “baby” seat on my bike (I told him he will always be my baby and he agrees to let me hold him until he “gets bigger” (whatever age that means!)). Maria thought it was so cool to bike together and said excitedly “when dad gets back, he can use your bike and we can all bike as a family!” She is our pack dog, for sure.

When we arrived at school, she allowed one quick picture by the side of the building. When I asked her for one in front of the doors where her friends congregate, she said “no way!” She saw the look in my eyes that I would get one any way, and bolted for the door. The only voice that stopped her in her tracks was Mario’s yelling “Maria, wait!” When she looked back, he waved goodbye and she sweetly waved back before heading in the door and up the stairs for her last day in first grade.

I knew she wouldn’t ignore her pack mate.


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