Time with my little guy

Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly. Tony Robbins

I woke up with Mario this morning.  Maria got to see a late movie and sleep over with a girlfriend.  Mario agreed to take a stroller ride with me if I let him get donuts at Tim Hortons.  I allowed him to get donuts if he agreed to eat a graham cracker with peanut butter beforehand (I knew if he did that he would not even be hungry for much of a donut and I could eat the rest!).

Much to my amazement, Mario spent the entire stroller ride talking to me and finding all sorts of animals along the way.  He spotted birds and squirrels and a rabbit sitting in a yard.  Of course, it was a game to him that he had to win.  Every time he found an animal, he’d pump his fist in the air and yell “I win!”  But it was much better than having him play on the iPad, which is usually what he wants to do.  He even talked to me about what he learned at school this week (do you know what anemones do, mom? I do!). 

I am so appreciative of this time with my little guy – totally unexpected and wonderful.  It started my holiday weekend off on a much-needed good note, and changed how I viewed my tiny little world this morning. 

Life doesn’t get much better – donuts, fresh air and sweet chats with my guy. Now, we can’t wait to add Maria to the mix!

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