Dallas Returns – Am I dreaming?

I loved Bobby Ewing from ages 7 to probably around 14.  I would gather up my Cheese Doritos and bean bag and sit for a night of awesomeness.  Dallas was sandwiched in between Dukes of Hazard and Falcon Crest.  Yeah, Friday nights were in two words – the bomb. 

Dallas is one of the few shows where I still remember certain episodes and nearly every actor’s name.  I used to “play” Dallas with my best girlfriend (not quite sure how we “played” Dallas but I specifically remember running up to my bedroom and yelling “Let’s play Dallas!”).  I had Patrick Duffy’s mug shot ironed onto my pastel purple t-shirt with the words “I love Bobby Ewing.” I remember wanting to be like Bobby’s wife, wasn’t Pam her name?  I remember waking up some mornings having dreamt of meeting the Dallas crew and being asked by them to star in the show.  Am I a freak, or what?!

So, with that background, you will see why I about had a heart attack when I read that Dallas is coming back on the air.  I am heading to the grocery for that bag of Doritos and hauling up Maria’s bean bag to the family room.  I can’t wait!

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