Mario’s reasoning

The boy is killin’ me lately with his comments.

A week ago, we had to have a talk with Mario because he bought $30 worth of “diamonds” while paying Pet Shop on my iPad. Somehow Maria and him found out my password. So, the door has been shut on any more purchases. He still begs me everyday arguing about how cute a German shepherd is or how adorable a little pig would be in his pet shop. I have told him that we don’t have money to spend on virtual pets.

So, he found a solution.

He yelled hysterically for me last night while I was doing the dishes. I ran into the family room to see the end of an AllState commercial. He looked up at me and made his case:

“Mom, you need to switch to AllState because they can save you a lot of money – like $100 – and then you would have money to buy me my pets on Pet Shop.

Makes sense, heh?!


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