Spiderman wants costumes!

Maria’s teacher again came through and agreed to partner with me on a project to collect Halloween costumes for homeless kids in Columbus. I printed handouts for the kids to send home in their book bags and took them to school during lunch. Maria wanted me to stay in her class to talk about the project but I was running late. She started to sulk and I was trying to cheer her up (“we’ll get ice cream later!” – why do I always use food?!) when her teacher came by and recommended that we make a video talking about the project for the kids to watch at school the next day.
Maria loved the idea! Gotta love Ms. Palmer – she got me out of the school tear-free. Maria and Mario came up with the above video for her school mates that night. Mario always begs to be famous and after they made this video, he asked “do you think I’ll be on the news?”
He’s always trying….

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