Halloween 2012

We rocked out Halloween as best as we could last night. It was 39 degrees and sprinkling, then raining. But the kids sensed their mom’s desire for chocolate and cranked a few long blocks. Mario got his competitive bug in him for the first 20 minutes and ran from house to house asking “could you do this when you were little, mom?” But then Ri and Zach and Jeffrey caught up with us and Mario got mad because he wanted to be alone with me.

He made it another block before he complained about being cold. He had decorated a little felt bag for candy at school and it was filled to the brim (I always had a pillow case full but I won’t rub it in to Mario – he’d be livid!). I dropped him back at my friend, Amy’s house, and headed back out with Ri and the boys. Amy dressed up her tiny pooch who yapped the entire way as we passed by trick-or-treaters. Between the pup and the crazy kids running all over the place, we were in need of some soothing chocolate (or whiskey but houses weren’t giving that out!). We wrapped up the show around 8:00 and headed home. On the way back, I remembered that UDF had free ice cream cones for kids dressed up in costumes. I can’t miss a freebie!

Cowgirl and Alien Boy walked out with cotton candy ice cream and I walked out with a two dip peanut butter-n-chip sundae. Then we came home, got in our pjs and topped that ice cream goodness off with Snickers and Butterfingers.





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