Mario’s trophy


Mario finally received his trophy for flag football. He’s been talking about his award ceremony for weeks questioning when it would happen and dreaming about what he would receive. Jon and I figured there would be trophies for the boys but weren’t sure. We kept telling him that he should just focus on seeing his football buddies and having fun.

He could barely eat his dinner last night his body was so pumped with adrenaline. He ran around the kitchen doing kicks in the air and asking “how much longer until my awards?”

We arrived at the middle school and boys from ages 5 to 11 were running around the cafeteria pulling at each other and sliding across the floor. Mario found his nirvana and joined right into the mix. It is at once heartening and disheartening to see your little boy making school-age friends and hanging out on his own. Part of me wanted him to sit on my lap like he used to as a toddler and play with my hair or clutch my hand. But the other part of me loved to watch him spread his wings and engage with this group of boys who would be his buddies for years to come. Jon and I agree that he will be quite the social butterfly.


When the coach called his name to receive his trophy, he had a smile so wide I thought it might come off his face. He shook the coach’s hand and sat down. He promptly admired his trophy for the next ten minutes. When he finally got up and came to show Jon and me, he exclaimed “I was the leader and did the best on the team so I got the highest number – 2000 and something.” He was pointing at the date “2012” on his trophy. Jon and I just let him continue on with his musings.


Ri was the sweet, cheerleader sister congratulating him on his trophy. When he first received it, she looked sadly at Jon and me and whispered “I don’t have one yet.” We reassured her that we were sure she’d get one if she kept practicing hard. She quickly changed her demeanor to one of joy when Mario walked over. That is one of Ri’s best traits – supporting others even if she feels a bit jealous. She is so mature in that area.

Of course, Mario’s first words as we left were “has Maria ever gotten a trophy like me?” We told him he is not in a competition with his sis. Maria and I rolled our eyes at each other while Mario held on tight to his trophy.

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