Babes in the woods

Jon gave me an early Christmas present yesterday by taking the kids to Dover to see Big Mario and Vicki. I had 20 different ideas on how to spend my day – get a massage, go see a movie, go buy a pair of winter boots. But alas, after working on a project for a non-profit in the morning, I spent 5 hours in the yard raking leaves and planting baby fir in my planters. I loved every minute of it, though. The day was gorgeous with sunny skies and 50 degree weather. After the yard, I had about two hours before the family got home. I splurged on a Wendy’s burger and fries at the drive-thru and took off up north to Michael’s craft store to get some table decor for Thanksgiving. That store is addicting, I’ll tell ya. I have never had a desire to scrapbook but after leaving there, I think I could quit my job and go for it!

Meanwhile, Jon and his two hunters sat in a blind in the woods and waited to see a deer. Ri had been so upset earlier in the morning because Mario kept telling her that she didn’t know how to hunt. She gets her feelings hurt so quickly and bawled after Mario chided her. But Jon stepped in and consoled her and made her laugh as he always does and she had a great time.

Jon sent me this picture of M&M heading out to hunt and I swore it was a photo out of a militia magazine.


They look mean… and ready to do some damage. But I know under that paint and camo, they are gentle babes. I should have gotten a picture of the babes when Jon pulled up at 9 pm. Zonked out like little angels in the backseat.

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