Cookie dough and cards

We baked for hours the other night – sugar cookies with bursts of sprinkles and chocolate chips loaded on them, banana bread with crushed nuts spread on top, rice krispy treats, traditional chocolate chip cookies. We had big plans to deliver them to neighbors and friends but only ended up delivering them to two neighbors. Everyone was gone. Darn, more for us and our family.



Ri and I kept devouring the cookie dough so I diverted our attention to the cookie cut-outs. We had big ideas to trace the cut-outs onto construction paper, cut them out, and place them on the dinner plates but we decided to play the Flintstone card game instead. Our hands were tired from rolling dough, right?


We had to teach Mario how to be a gracious loser since he threw a fit every time Maria won. Ri finally lost a game (I think she did it purposefully to appease Mario) and she shook his hand and congratulated him.

His response: “Since I shook her hand, can I still tease her that I won?” Baby steps, I guess…,

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