They’re back

Three days of a quiet, peaceful home seem like a galaxy away. The munchballs returned home yesterday and set the house ablaze with commotion and loudness and activity. We had our first Wendy’s gym session for the Winter – we haven’t been to the gym for a year and a half. The kids loved it. Mario directed all of the boys around the equipment giving them advice on how to do cartwheels and how to balance on the beams. Ri listened intently to her instructor – she’s like her dad – it will take her a few sessions before she opens up to her classmates.

We got home and ate dinner. Maria has gotten into the phrase “no offense.” At dinner, she must have said “No offense, dad, but…” five times. Mario even chimed in at one of her final comments saying “I knew you’d say “no offense, Ri” and raised his fingers to do the block quote sign.

These two munches keep us laughing but I am keeping with my promise to institute a Quiet Zone in the house for an hour each night. It’s a lot easier for Ri than Mario. Is it because he’s 5, a boy, or got too much of his mom’s crazy energy?!


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