Skylanders and baby dolls

Mario got quite the treat last week. He got out of two days of school because Grandma and Grandpa Ionno picked him up Wednesday night. Patty had been with her brother in Marietta who is recovering from the flu and also battling COPD. She’s been his rock. It has taken its toll on her though. And her way to recover – take Mario. Seems paradoxical but it’s true. Mario loves spending his days in his pjs with G&G (and doesn’t mind donuts and Grandma’s cooking either!) and Patty and Joe love his presence.

Mario also gets spoiled too death (as do all grand kids when they head up north). He got two Skylanders when he went to Meijer’s with Grandma. Unfortunately, Grandma doesn’t have Wii at her house. He was torn between Grandma’s house and home. Eventually, the desire to watch his new Skylanders in action overtook him and he called us to pick him up (of course, every time he does this he begs to go back to gmGrandma’s within a few hours!). Jon drove up north to retrieve the nut and he ran in the back door, hugged Ri and me, and went straight to the Wii.

After playing on his own a bit, he begged Jon to play. Jon doesn’t mind it too much (boys and their video games) and before we knew it, Ri and I saw two boys chillin’ and laughin’ with Skylanders.


Meanwhile, Maria has found a renewed interest in baby dolls and loves to play that I’m the grandma and she’s the mom. She cuddles with her newborn and feeds her a bottle but as soon as the baby poops, she hands her over to “grandma.” I see how she’s gonna be….


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