And there you have it

Jon took Mario to Mario and Vicki’s house this weekend to scout turkeys and eat some of Vicki’s killer pasta. Jon got the sweetest picture of Mario Sunday morning. Breaks my heart.


Maria got to have Alana over to spend the night on Saturday. It is so awesome to have them at an age that they can scooter a couple of miles without needing assistance. I never thought I’d see the day when I didn’t need my treasured stroller (Mario still uses it when he’s tired; Jon wants to get rid of it as of yesterday).

And so It was a scooter-filled weekend with the girls – we went to Wendy’s for dinner and then scooted ourselves to the park and to Orange Leaf before heading home. I love that Ri sports cowboy boots on her scooter.



I also love that she is able to crank out a rap song with a leg-kick dance move while on the scooter (she’s come along way baby).


On Sunday morning, I was awoken by two giddy girls talking about their respective schools and friends and cute boys in their class. We sat in bed for an hour chatting away. Then we were on our scooters heading to Tim Hortons for breakfast and the park for tree climbing. Maria sported some fashionable sandals for the morning ride.




As we were riding up the hill, Ri asked if our old neighbor Kim was working at the fire station. She is a dispatcher. She was and we surprised her. This led to a full-blown one hour tour of the fire station. Fire fighter Harris and student Ashley were awesome showing Ri and Alana everything on the fire truck and in the ambulance (they even got to experience an EKG and watch their perfect hearts beat). Ri had a ton of questions and listened to every word coming out of the fire fighter’s mouth. I love how interested she is in learning.





By the time we got home it was noon and time for planting our miniature flower garden. Pink cosmos and sunflowers. Alana really wanted pink cosmos even though that was Ri’s Easter present. Ri graciously gave her two out of the six seeds to plant with her sunflower seeds. If there is one trait that makes me so proud of Ri it is her generosity and understanding. When Alana refused to let Ri try on her headlamp, Ri didn’t pitch a fit. She just let it go. Later on when it was just Ri and me, Ri mentioned it. I told her I was sorry she didn’t get to try it on and I told her that we all have things we need to work on and Alana should work on sharing a bit more.

“But mom, I can’t be mad at her because she really loves that headlamp and if it broke she wouldn’t get another so I can understand why she’s protective over it.”

Well. What more to say to my mature 7 year-old daughter? Nothing. I just gave her a hug and we sat on the steps waiting for Mario and dad.

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