Earth Day

I walked in the front door from my run Monday morning and Ri was in front of me crying.

“What’s the matter, darlin’?”

“It’s Earth Day today and we are planting a tree and reading a poem and I’m not going to make it because I have a doctor’s appointment.” It took her three minutes to get that sentence out between sobs. Jon had told her we had an appointment for her allergies – neither of us had a clue she had these events scheduled.

I told her we would reschedule her doctor’s appointment and she was ecstatic. She thanked Jon the entire way to school for letting her go to Earth Day. Our little blooming environmentalist.


On Monday night, Ri wanted to head to Krogers with me. We hopped in the car and she hopped back out yelling “hold on, mom!” She came back with a canvas red bag.

“We need to start bringing these bags to Krogers so we don’t use plastic. It’s much friendlier to the Earth.”

We got too many groceries for just the red bag so we got one paper bag from Krogers that we folded up after taking the groceries out in order to use it again on our next trip.


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