Soccer Buddies


Mario finished up his Soccer Buddies season on Monday. He went to three of the four Monday night practices (staying with Grandma and Grandpa Ionno trumped one of the practices). As much as he loves playing sports, he was surprisingly slower and less aggressive than some of the other kids. The girls rocked the practices with their speed and determination to get the ball. Mario is so aggressive at the house with me and Jon and Ri – he tackles you in a heartbeat – so it was strange that he didn’t exhibit that on the field. Maybe he doesn’t know them well enough and is shy? Or maybe it’s because his mom is embarrassing the heck out of him by screaming “Go Mario! Get the ball!” over and over throughout practice….

At the last practice, it was sprinkling and the grass was wet. The kids were scrimmaging and Mario ran after the ball. A kid clipped him and he fell to the grass. He got up crying and limped over to the coach. He kept crying so I walked over and tried to console him … and get him back on the field. He looked up at me and stammered out “I can’t play again until I change my clothes – I’m all dirty and wet.”

So there we have it. Our fashionista boy is too worried about his looks. I should have known this would happen with the boy that takes twenty minutes to find an outfit in the morning. Maybe David Beckham was the same way at age 5?

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