Magnificently wonderful

Top Ten Reasons I loved last night…

1. Ri rocking out new polka dot Reds socks for her softball game!


2. My crazy Menkedick clan (all of them!) coming out to cheer Ri on at her game. She was beside herself happy!

3. Ri going three for three and catching a few grounders (she almost had an out at first but the batter outran her by an inch).

4. Mario sucking on his ring pop and playing a fishing game on Jon’s phone; he grabbed Peepaw every two minutes to report the type and weight of his catch.

5. Sar Bear informing me that she got an agent!!! She is on her way to being a world renowned writer (or a psycho killer if this picture says anything)!


6. Dude man announcing that he may be headed on a cruise ship to swoon the old ladies and party it up with the crew all while blasting out some sweet clarinet and saxophone.

7. Jon having all of us in stitches with his stories at dinner about past vacations and times at the Glendale Ave. house.

8. Mildred’s sauerkraut balls. Enough said.

9. Watching dad race Mario to the car and being so thankful for inheriting those Menkedick genes.

10. Spending an evening with such a gregarious, joyful, loving family. These are the moments you grab hold of and tuck away; they are what make this brief time on Earth magnificently wonderful.


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