Horse Camp


There is our girl riding Phoenix on her last day of horse camp. She was poised and serious as she sat on her horse and moved from the stables to the riding ground. It was 90 degrees out and she was wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. If she was doing anything else in those clothes and that weather, she’d have packed it up in a heart beat. But not horseback riding. She is a riding machine.


Grandma Meg came in to town just to see her granddaughter’s show. They are kindred spirits when it comes to these horses. I had to ask her and Jon how Ri was doing when she performed her ride because I didn’t know what she or the horse should be doing. They confirmed that she was doing great. Her horse was a bit stubborn though. When she finished, she ran over to us and we dolled over her. She loved it.


The night before the show, she was laying in her bed looking sad. I asked her what was wrong and she started crying. “I didn’t get a First Place trophy for any event at horse camp. Malena and Sasha both got one and I got third place.”

I explained to her that Malena and Sasha rode a lot more than Ri and that if she rode more, she’d get a trophy eventually. Of course, she responded with what is a frequent response from her lately “well, if you would get me lessons then maybe I could get better!” Sassy she is. But she’s right. I have been hesitant to get her weekly lessons because of the drive out to the farm and the crazy cost for lessons. But seeing her in her element made me change my mind (and the fact that she wore jeans and a long-sleeved shirt the entire day without complaint – she has to love it)!

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