Red White and Boom!

I got home from work last night, made beans and hot dogs, and watched the Smurfs movie with the kids. We were all laid out on the couch we could have crashed for the evening if we weren’t so tied to tradition.

It was Red, White and Boom last night – Columbus’ fireworks show. Every year I have taken the kids to see the fireworks. We can see them well from Grandview so it’s a piece of cake for the kids to jump in the stroller and trot on down to the park.

I knew just the thing to rev things up. I got the hoses out to water the plants. Within seconds, the kids were outside. They have a keen water hose smell. Ri grabbed the hose out back and proceeded to douse herself with water. In her hair, soaking her clothes, against her face. She loves it. Mario is usually more hesitant not wanting to get his shoes soaked or his clothes sipping wet. After all, he went through four pairs of shorts earlier before he found a pair “that weren’t so wrinkled.”

But he dove into the activity with Ri and enjoyed himself thoroughly. He especially loved when I came outside (supposedly unaware that he had a hose – heehee) and he sprayed water all over me. Another one of those moments where I kept resisting because I didn’t want to have to change clothes but then thought “what the he–!”



Of course, Mario came inside afterwards and immediately bummed out about his shoes. “They are soaked, mom. How can I wear them?” He gets fixated on one thing lately and wants to wear it all the time. Luckily, our neighbors came down shortly after the shoe incident and asked if we wanted to go to the fireworks with them. Mario was so excited he forgot all about his wet shoes. We piled in their van and headed to Grandview Yard, a fairly new establishment at the edge of Grandview that has a hotel and lots of grassy areas. It still hasn’t caught hold yet so it wasn’t packed. However, there were a good number of folks.

Mario played with Quinn the entire time except to say “hi dude” to Beck, his football buddy. Ri played with Sophie and Sophie’s friend Lily who is heading to Singapore for five years with her family. She is a gem of a girl. I talked to folks I never get to talk to and really enjoyed the time. I take for granted this amazing community we live in sometimes and last night reinforced its wonder. People are so down-to-earth and the kids all play well. We are so close to downtown and have bike lanes and tons of parks. Schools are excellent. A little gem in the Mid-west.

The fireworks didn’t disappoint. Mario only begged for my phone one time but I distracted him by telling him to name the fireworks. “Super star!” “Super wonder star.” That kept he and Quinn busy. Ri sat quietly next to Sophie and took it in. The grand finale was spectacular and everyone clapped and cheered at the end.





And so the tradition continues albeit at a new location. We are definitely tossing our blanket down for next year.

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