Break time

It was Christmas in July for Jon and I when Meg and dad agreed to take their two grand kids for a couple days. I woke up Monday morning and took a run and hit a 9:30 am yoga class (I felt like I was skipping school). I picked up framed pictures of the kids’ drawings and bought a huge iced coffee and scone. Ahhh.

But when I got home and unpacked and cleaned up, I missed them like mad. I had just spent five full days with them never leaving my side but I wanted them back. I wanted to wake up with them nuzzling my neck, tickling my nose, laughing with me. Funny how you can be so ready for some alone time but then you get it and you want the munchos back pronto. For me, it’s having that breather time of just a few hours that makes all the difference.

Meanwhile, the kids got some quality grandparent time. Ri loved seeing her horses at the farm. She described each one of them to me, including the type of horse they were, their temperament and who can ride them. It was precious.

Mario loved teaching Rosie new tricks and herding the chickens in their coop. He also loved fishing with Peepaw and making bird houses!


Peepaw got a kick out of Mario with the birdhouses. While Peepaw was hard at work constructing the house with Mario, Mario asked “when are we going to be done with this one?” Peepaw said it would take some time if they wanted quality but Mario wanted to rush it in order to make seven of them by the time they came home.


Because he wanted to sell them! Maria was appalled. “How can he sell something he made with his grandpa?” Ri has sentimentality out the wazoo; Mario not so much.

I couldn’t wait to get home on Tuesday to see them. I walked through the door and grabbed ’em both in a big bear hug. Will I be able to do this when they are teenagers?! Mario was happily playing on my iPad having been without technology for an entire two days (at night he would call me crying to come home but only because he was used to playing on an electronic device at our house at bedtime). Ri was a bit sad.

“What’s the matter darlin’?” I asked her.

“I just feel lost. Things I love are in the country, like the horses and chickens. I feel like I’m out of place in the city.”

Oh, Jon is gonna love this talk. He will swoop Ri up in a heartbeat and move to a farm. He’s been dreaming of that for years. Yet further affirmation that Jon and Ri are exactly alike.

Jon got home shortly after me and we all sat around the family room for a few minutes before Ri and I needed to slip away to a pool party. The kids laughed at Jon’s antics while climbing on me.

All is back to normal.

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