Pulling teeth


This was my view for an hour and fifteen minutes yesterday afternoon. I flinched and squirmed more than Ri. She was a machine; she barely moved the entire time the dentist pulled her tooth out, inserted a crown and filled a cavity. I, on the other hand, couldn’t sit still. The dentist told me I could leave but I kept thinking that Ri would call for me.
Mario had prepared me for the worst. I can’t leave his side when he goes to the dentist even if its for a routine cleaning.
When they allowed Ri to stand up, she wobbled over to me looking dazed. That laughing gas got her good. She could not stop drooling on herself. Poor baby.
She asked for UDF on the way home which I quickly agreed to for my own sake (peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream). When she got her vanilla ice cream, she cried in the back seat because she couldn’t keep it in her mouth.
When we got home, her friend Sophie came over and brought her a hand-made bracelet. Ri asked if she wanted to watch tv, and she plopped on the couch with her. I went upstairs and took a nap for a half hour (that tooth extraction wore me out!).
When I came downstairs, Ri had gone to town on her ice cream and was feeling better. I was so glad.
We decided to take a bike ride with Sophie and have her spend the night. We left at 8 pm, biked around the neighborhood, ate Orange Leaf, shopped at Giant Eagle, played at the park, and performed bike tricks in the parking lot and got home at 9:45 pm.






We got on our pjs, brushed our teeth, and grabbed our iPads to play games (Ri and Sophie) and to read Vela posts (me). We all passed out at 11:15 on the couch and I woke up to Ri kicking me in the head. I carried Ri and Sophie to bed and we all stayed asleep until 8:15 in the morning.

These teeth episodes are tiring.

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