Happy Birthday Mario Bo Bario


My sweet cherub monster boy.

It’s your 6th birthday! How is that so? Wasn’t it a moment ago that I was screaming in pain as you entered this world and gently pressing your button nose and beaming at you as we laid in the hospital bed together? You were a peanut at 7 pounds. I walked with you in your snuggly all over Grandview pointing out different leaves and trees and making funny noises when animals passed us. You’d squeeze my finger with your strong little fist as we strolled together in the sun.

You cherished your binkie and refused to go anywhere without it in your mouth. There was only one style you liked and if it was lost, you would cry and cry until it was found. You gave up on your binkie after we talked over and over about the binkie fairy taking them away: you were only 4 and a half years old…!

You loved to run ever since you could walk. Ri never liked to do either so I guess it was a necessity to run to keep up with her on her bike. But I secretly think that you take after your mama and you just love the thrill of a run. After all, you have been begging to go on runs with me since you were three.

You have always been ready for a good laugh. You smiled at 8 weeks old. It took Ri two years. I remember calling dad and exclaiming “he’s smiling!” And you’ve got the warmest smile; I can’t help but smile back at you every time I see it.

Your favorite food is still anything sugary. You love DK Diner chocolate long john donuts and could eat them for every meal if we’d let you (you are like your mom with sheet cake). You love Oreos and cookies and brownies and Reese cups. You want me to pack Lunchables for you every day because they have two cookies in them (do you even eat the meat and cheese?).


You are still spoiled rotten. Even your big sis admits that she spoils you rotten and babies you. Is it because you are my last? Is it because you’re still so “little” (maintaining 45 pounds for months straight)? Is it because you are a boy? Who knows… but it has led to some issues at school drop-off and with iPad sharing and cleaning your room. Nevertheless, even when you are at your most obnoxious state, you always turn around pretty quickly and give me or dad a hug and say you are sorry so it’s easy to continue to spoil you!

So, what are you into as you turn six today?

1. iPad! You could stay on that thing for hours and hours. Dragonvale and Matty B are your favorite.
2. Football. Let’s hope you continue your touchdown streak this weekend.
3. Quinn. You have a boy crush on our neighbor, Quinn who has a mutual crush on you. You too beg to see each other all the time.
4. Shoes without socks. You hate wearing socks with your shoes and your feet stink!
5. Watching the Reds on tv with your dad.
6. Fishing
7. Riding your bike
8. Visiting the library to find movies (no books!)
9. Playing Wii (you’ve moved from Skylanders to Mario Bros.)
10. Torturing your sis!
11. Staying up late
12. Oreo yogurts and Danimals
13. Candy Land
14. Anything involving money

You have made my life more rich, Mario Bo Bario and I love you with every inch of my being. Happy happy day little man!


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