Errands – check

Oh, what a beautiful day! I love the days when I can get long overdue tasks completed. I have been needing to deposit two checks for two weeks but I never find the time to walk six blocks north to do it (even though I find time to walk ten blocks east and west). I registered Mario for basketball, which I have been putting off for a month. Something about biking a mile down the road first thing in the morning to write a check to the community center pains me (but biking 20 along the trail is beautiful).
I even took time off to take Ri Grace to lunch. Two of her girlfriends were heading out to a restaurant across the street so we hitched on to a table with them. I got treated to a lovely adult conversation with the mom of one of the girls’ – a delicious treat in the middle of the day (along with pita and hummus).

And then I even went so far as to complete one more nagging task after lunch – picking up football tickets at the Schott for Jon to use with his friends (one of these days I will hit a football game again). I biked towards work after carefully tucking away the tickets and just happened to pass by a UDF. If there was any day I deserved a peanut butter n chip ice cream cone it was today. And so it was.

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